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The Women of Saint Francis offer ways for women to grow in their Spiritual life, including praying the Rosary as a group,  our Spring Lenten Retreat and the May Crowning of Mary


A quote for thought: "Today the barren Anne, claps her hands for joy, the earth radiates with light.  Kings sing their happiness, priests enjoy every blessing.  The entire universe rejoices, for she who is queen and the Father’s immaculate bride buds forth from the stem of Jesse”. [adapted from the Byzantine Daily Workshop],

Active contemplation can be so

easy and enjoyable that people

sometimes wonder if its really

prayer.  Don’t make the mistake

of judging religious experiences

valuable only if they’re difficult.

Jesus criticized prayers that

were wordy and complicated.  

Prayer is meant to be simple.


A good way to start our time of prayer is the sign of the Cross, and a request to the Lord that he guide our imagination.  A good way to end is to say the Lord’s Prayer, spoken very slowly.

The Feast of the Nativity of Mary

During the month of September, on the 8th, we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Mary.  This was celebrated at least by the 6th century.  The Feast was brought to Rome, in the seventh century.  It was a couple more centuries before it was celebrated throughout the West. Mary was conceived in the womb of Saint Anne on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is exactly nine months before Sept. 8th.  Mary was born in Jerusalem.  Her parents were St. Joachim, a wealthy member of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, and St. Anne, was Mary’s mother.  They honored God, by giving a l/3 of their money to the poor, 1/3 to the support of the Temple, and 1/3 for their own needs. 


Joachim and Anne, were an infertile couple, they prayed for a child later in life, they received a promise of a child to be born to them that would advance God’s plan for salvation for the world.


side note:  In Islamic Scripture:

The birth of Mary is narrated in the third sura [chapter] of the Koran with references to her father Imran, after whom the chapter is named, as well as her mother, Hannah.  Hannah prayed to God to fulfill her desire to have a child and vowed, if her prayer was accepted, that her child [whom she initially thought would be male] would be dedicated to the service of God.  She prayed for her child to remain protected from Satan and Muslim tradition records a [hadith], which states that the only children born without the "touch of Satan”, were Mary and Jesus


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Tune in daily "Christ is the Answer", Father John Riccardo's program from 9am-10am central on 910AM. Father John Ricardo is a young vibrant Priest who breaks down our Catholic teachings in a straight forward, no-nonsense manner. 

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Counsel


God of Heavenly Wisdom, You have given us Mary, Mother of Jesus to be our guide and counselor. Grant that we may always seek her motherly help in this life and so enjoy her blessed presence in the life to come.


Oh, Mother of Good Counsel, Patroness of the National Council of Catholic Women, intercede for us, that we may be wise, courageous and loving leaders of the Church. Help us, dear Mother, to know the mind of Jesus, your Son.


May the Holy Spirit fill us with reverence for God’s creation, and compassion for all God’s children. May our labors of love on earth enhance the reign of God. And may God’s gifts of faith and living hope prepare us for the fullness of the world to come.                                                                                                                       Amen.

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