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Who are the Women of St Francis? 

We are married women and single women. We are working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, and grandmothers. We are women who are dedicated to serving St Francis Catholic Church and our surrounding communities.


The Women of Saint Francis is a wonderfully diverse group of women who come together to explore their spiritual growth through service to others. In doing this, we enjoy the sharing and support of one another. As women, we all need a place where we can serve others and receive the comfort and joy of being with women who love the Lord and work hard to serve God, family, home & self. This organization gives us the opportunity to do just that.

WOSF Mission

The purpose of this society is to cultivate, likewise to develop the spiritual growth of the women of the parish and to assist in the promotion of the activities of the parish.

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   WOSF Board 2024-2025

President:            Melissa Manemann

Vice President:  Cindy Kindsvater

Secretary:             Marie Salisbury

Treasurer:             Alphecca Nguyen

Parliamentarian: Marla Johnston

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